Today we will publish the site in cyber. For this we need:

We have a site consisting of a file in index.html and a folder with images.

First, we need to upload our site to IPFS. To do this, go to IPFS and go to our files.

Click Import and select Folder to load the folder with our site.

When our site is loaded, copy its CID, we will need it to create a cyberlink.

The CID of my site is QmaoRL8GgkVQvRDSGsnUNfEukMVC7Egc5sDEB8oXEZTr4h, you will have another one. We can now create cyberlink. I will use cyberdcli for this. You can use any other way to create cyberlink.

Making your first cyberlink
Using a ledger to create cyberlinks

I will create cyberlink for the word cyber. CID cyber: QmRX8qYgeZoYM3M5zzQaWEpVFdpin6FvVXvp6RPQK3oufV

We confirm the transaction.

We created cyberlink. Now we can find our site in the search.

Your site is now in cyber!

Happy Hacking!